Feed the hungry and improve human health

Preserve and renew the environment

Enhance the St. Louis region as a world center for plant science

The Donald Danforth Plant Science Center, where discovery yields impact

At the Danforth Center, we believe that plants hold the key 
to discoveries and products that will enrich and restore both the environment and the lives of people around the globe. Center scientists strive to reduce the burden of hunger and malnutrition in developing countries as well as to improve human health both at home and abroad. Research includes the search for the next generation of biofuels: alternative sources of energy that are affordable, sustainable and ecologically sound. The Center is devoted to the safe, culturally responsible deployment of its discoveries, as well as to the economic prosperity of the St. Louis region.

Our People

Scientists at the Donald Danforth Plant Science Center are part of a community of individuals and organizations in St. Louis, the region and around the world with a shared commitment to use scientific expertise and technology to solve critical problems facing humanity.
The Danforth Center employs nearly 250 individuals from 24 countries. Twenty scientific teams conduct basic research that will lead to improved agricultural productivity and will preserve our natural resources by reducing the need for pesticides and fertilizers, increasing the nutritional content of crops and improving resistance to drought, pests and disease. The Danforth Center is regularly voted among the “Best Places to Work in Academia” by
The Scientist magazine.

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Research Institutes of the Danforth Center

Enterprise Rent-A-Car Institute for Renewable Fuels

The Enterprise Rent-A-Car Institute for Renewable Fuels is a research unit within the Danforth Plant Science Center working to develop and apply technologies to enhance the potential of oilseed crops, algae and bioenergy grasses as sources of sustainable bioenergy.
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Institute for International Crop Improvement

The Institute for International Crop Improvement at the Donald Danforth Plant Science Center is working to improve the productivity and nutritional value of food security crops, and to advance delivery of improved crops to underserved regions.
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